Friday, March 9, 2012

4th entry for Mar 6, 2012

These  are a pair of 10-minute studies above, and a 15-minute one below. The top one is on some cheap 18 x 24" bond paper, while the two below are on 22 x 30" sheets of 90 lb Maidstone paper with a light graphite underlayer.

The hoop is challenging on fast poses, as it requires a well-projected circle or oval to work best. Also, points of contact along that circle/oval matter for the figure to make sense. But it can be a strong framing device within the composition.  The top hoop is awkwardly shaped, but the figure worked well.  S-  's left leg is a little awkwardly handled in the middle one, and her placement in the lower one is a little far to the left. But those are the first ones in a Drawing Room session where I've used a more high-quality paper, and I'm encouraged by the results.
The lower two did have some post-pose working time as well.

It was fun to be back for the "Drawing Room" session. It will be on each Tuesday night, and is open to anyone to join. For details, check Diane's facebook page here.

In unrelated news, shows I have some relation to abound just now.
If you haven't already had a look, a piece of mine is included in the juried "Au Naturel- The Nude in the 21sr Century" show down in the states. Their site is here.
I'm pleased to note that a drawing of mine is part of a juried show of OCA/OCAD/OCADU (take your pick...)  alumni that is running through March at the Gladstone Hotel.  It opens tonight, Friday March 9th, from 6:30 - 9:30.
Some recent and not-so recent students of mine from the Toronto School of Art are holding an exhibition that opened with a big party on the 8th. Called `Nextus', it's at Gallery 1313, and you can get details on that here.
And the countdown to my brushy Open House next weekend continues - it will be happening on the afternoons of Mar 17 & 18th - more details to follow.


Anonymous said...

Hi Thomas, this is Sara. Would you mind if I post the second picture on facebook, with a link to this blog?

Thomas Hendry said...

Sure thing - be my guest.
Thanks again for the great work!