Sunday, March 11, 2012

2nd entry for Mar 8, 2012

For the early part of Thursday evening I was enjoying being at the opening of the exhibition by the TSA Professional skills class. Called `Nextus', the show is up at Gallery 1313 until March 18th.  The opening was thronged with happy people, which was great to see.
After a happy hour or so there, I stopped in to the last part of the TSA's drawing session. A-  was working. These are all on 22 x 30" sheets of Maidstone paper, with a quite light graphite underlayer.  I found some flat sticks of the same hard Nobel charcoal I've been using in round woodless pencil forrmat.  The square sticks handle a wee bit different, but entail a lot less fissling and mess with sanding, which is a plus. These were all done with just a hard square Nobel stick.
It wasn't my best night, but the results are not dissimilar to middling good drawings on newsprint that I have done.

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