Monday, March 5, 2012

2nd entry for Mar 4, 2012

These are done with the same materials mix as the prior post, on the same Maidstone paper.  With the light graphite underlay, there is the potential to `punch up' highlights by some erasing, which I used a little bit that day.  I also added a bit of Conte crayon onto some of the darkest areas. The charcoal I've been using gets down to 9.5 or so on a 10-point gray scale, and the Conte gets down to 10.

The top study was 15 minutes, and the lower one was 20 minutes with a further 40 minutes or so of background shading and reworking. The pose had some dramatic lighting and foreshortening, but was hard to reconcile with the horizontal space. The back of S-  's head got a little lost in the mix, and now looks a little too small, though that does force the perspective in the process.

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