Saturday, March 3, 2012

3rd entry for Mar 1, 2012

These are a 15-minute study above, and two 20-minute ones below. All are done with some graphite powder selectively worked into the paper prior to drawing, and all are using hard Nobel charcoal on 23 x 30" sheets of 90 lb Maidstone paper.
I'm liking aspects of how the graphite moderates the paper's character, both by making the surace slightly slippy, and by adding an `undertone' to areas of charcoal shading.
It seems a little like it allows me to newsprint-ify the paper where I choose to.

(These images won't be on display, but on March 17 & 18th, there will be an open house at my studio, focusing on works done with a brush - monoprints, wash drawings, and drybrush work. More details to follow on that - stay tuned.)

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ruthdraws said...

Well tom, if you check my blog you will see your address on top of my blog... not beside it as I had hoped. How very annoying!
Moreover, it is not clear that it is a link. Sorry. I tied to delete it, but no luck there, either.
Well I will keep trying.
Meanwhile, I love the painterly look of this set of drawings..a great new dimension.