Monday, March 12, 2012

1st entry for Mar 11, 2012

Sunday morning. The clock had sprung forward, St. Patrick's day was upon us, and I got in for part of the Sunday morning session at the TSA. It was another dancer,   L-    who was working (A-   , who was there on the Thursday night , is a dancer as well.)

Not that I'm complaining - I am a big dance fan. I'm looking forward to seeing the Chimera Project's "Fresh Blood" showcase of upcoming dancer-choreographers this weekend at Harbourfront. Tickets are still likely available, and it will be well worth seeing.

But back to these studies, which are two 10-minute ones and a 15-minute one below, dome with a hard compressed charcoal stick on 18 x 24 sheets of paper - bond for the top one, and Canson Sketch for the ones below.

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