Friday, March 2, 2012

1st entry for Mar 1, 2012

On the Thursday afternoon I stopped in for the last part of the TSA's drawing session.  S-  was working.
The top 15-minute study is done on 18 x 24" Canson Sketch paper with hard U-Art charcoal.
The lower two are on 22 x 30" sheets of 90 lb Maidstone paper.
I'm liking several things about the Maidstone, but a couple of things I've been wrestling with are the texture ( a little more coarse than I'd like, and achieving a uniform light gray for backgrounds and such. The surface is soft enough that charcoal powder sticks where it lands, making a very streaky ground.
This time I tried graphite powder, on one sheet in a `vignette' of sorts, and overall on the other. The drawings are more static than the one on the Canson, but the graphite made quite a smooth textured gray, and cut the contrast of the hard Nobel charcoal that I used on top.
The graphite seems to have definite potential when it comes to subtly modifying the paper's surface.

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