Sunday, March 8, 2009

3rd entry for March 3, 2009

The session continued with the usual 20-minute poses. I was working as quickly as I could, trying to negotiate the size and scale of the 2 figures, plus trying to get 2 likenesses in the time available.
Several of the poses they arrived at seemed to me to suggest different power dynamics between the 2 of them. That may just be a simplistic response to one person in a high position, and one in a low position. But to me it felt like 2 dancers who were trading the roles of who was leading and who following,

By the last study (at the bottom), we had about 15 minutes left and I was tiring out. The drawing in it is more raw, and H- 's face didn't quite come together. But it did turn out fairly dramatically.

Afterwards, most people concurred the 2 models were a good experience. Sometimes changes get dropped in one's lap. maybe some future time they will revisit this, which would be fun.

Given the culture that I live in and our hang-ups, having 2 women undressed together is one of the less loaded situations. I wonder how it would have played out if 2 men had been booked by accident for the same might. Would we have been at ease if they had taken similar poses with some friendly/intimate body contact?

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