Tuesday, March 3, 2009

1st entry for March 1, 2009

I got myself out of bed early enough to come out to part of the Sunday morning session at the TSA, and found T- working. I haven't had the opportunity to draw her for some time.
The bottom-most image was 10 minutes, and the first one done. Without warmup drawing time it is wooden & laboured, especially where I started, at T- 's face. the reclining pose was 15 minutes long & was 2 studies later. It came together the best of the morning, and is at once more controlled and more spontaneous. (that was when the drawing fully `clicked in'). The topmost one was almost 15 minutes. It is looser - a lot of forms are on the edge of falling apart, but it is the freshest one as well. Although the drawing was fast, I feel that the head on this one is quite true to T- 's features.
The only problem with the top image is that T- 's torso seems impossibly narrow: there should be a bit more body mass visible past the arm on the right.

After that, the session was over.

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