Sunday, March 1, 2009

1st entry for February 26, 2009

I was back at Diane's Drawing Room session on the Thursday night. The drawing was not flowing freely like water that evening. C- was working, and her work was excellent as ever. My efforts were very uneven - too slow, too fussy, poor instincts in fitting the figure on the page - you name it.

Some nights are like that - I never go into a drawing session planning to do poor work, but no-one is on all the time. Thus far, I've had a good success ratio with these aerial sessions. Looking through the studies afterwards, I found a lot less to keep or post than I have other evenings.

Two so-so sessions in one week - this may be signalling a litle cold bug in my system as well- drawing always seems to go down in sensitivity when health is compromised. On the bright side, the shortness of the poses meant that I didn't have to get angsty about whether they had my facial features or not...

Even when the results are less pleasing, the process remains a huge pleasure & privilege.

(These are 1-minute & 2-minute studies)

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