Tuesday, March 10, 2009

1st entry for March 5, 2009

No aerial session this week, as it's host Diane was down at the Liberty Grand building representing her paintings. In its place I went to the Toronto School of Art, but got there late. (I was rather tired that afternoon, and was wrestling with whether or not to continue a nap - the drawing won, but I was moving slow...)

G- was working. I missed the first set of short poses he did, but after the midpoint of the Thursdy TSA sessions, we do a few more gesture poses. G- did some quite dramatic poses - they seemed fairly theatrical in their stances (i.e I could imagine an actor or opera performer striking these poses) I was enjoying their energy.

These are 3 of those 1-minute poses.Earlier that day at the high school I teach a class at, I had been exhorting a new group of students to make free & lively marks. Seems a bit of that rubbed off on me.

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