Monday, March 16, 2009

1st entry for March 12, 2009

On Thursday, Z- came and joined me to visit the aerial drawing session at Diane Mcgrath's studio. We found P- working there. I had had the opportunity to draw her once before (check out the January archive for entries on Jan 15th.) For the first part of the evening she was working on a suspended hoop, which was where I had left off with her before.
The studies here are, bottom to top: 30-seconds, two 1-minute and two 2-minute studies.

At this session I usually get in on time, and always find I benefit from the very fast, scribbly gesture studies. You can see the transition from more loose and all-over marks to more focus on outlines and specific shapes as the time available increases.

While you don't see scribbly marks in longer studies, I find it invaluable to know whre they might go, and think it is useful to reconnect to that energy at the start of a drawing session. It informs the longer drawings.

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