Saturday, March 7, 2009

2nd entry for March 3, 2009

The evening took an unanticipated turn when it became apparent that P- had come in to model as well, owing to some crossed wires. Happily, she and H- are well-acquainted with each other, and there were enough people to afford to keep both models on for the night.

Budget considerations make it impracticable to do that often, but it is a really enjoyable challenge drawing 2 people. It helped that H- , who self-identifies as "having no physical boundaries at all" was very at ease with the situation. What could have been an uncomfortable scene got very cozy: H- & P- were quietly chatting to each other as they sat, and we all wrestled with getting twice the forms in place.

I've drawn 2 sitters on other occasions where they were not at ease with each other & had the sense of `two solitudes' sharing a space, conveying an Ingmar Bergman-esque mood. Even though they weren't always fully interacting, there was a good dynamic going, with H- particularily conscious of how her poses were fitting with P- 's.

There were some good dualities going on - lean & full-figure, short & tall, that added to the interplay.

These were 10-minute studies. Trying to set all this down sure kicked up the intensity of my focus in what was looking like a fairly familiar drawing situation.

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