Sunday, March 1, 2009

2nd entry for February 24, 2009

These were two 20-minute poses. I was fairly happy with how the evening was unfolding (in spite of some personal stuff that was tugging on my consciousness).

Happy until the person sitting beside me happened to note in passing of the standing figure those 4 words I dread - "it looks like you".

Now on some level that is a little inevitable - at least some of the time. Our own features are our subconscious default setting. But F- 's facial features are rather different from mine, so if this woman can see me in a drawing of him I've missed his face by a wide margin. Worse still, that that can be a blind spot, until someone points it out.

Most times that just rolls off as amusing, but this time it was like a little confidence landmine, that after so many years I could still be missing someone elses's features so broadly. but I swallowed the claever retorts, and kept working (albeit fairly quietly...)

- sigh -

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