Saturday, September 8, 2012

Entry for Aug 24, 2012

On the Friday I finished teaching a 5-day intensive course on anatomy for artists. It was a big week, and I used a chunk of the early evening to clean stuff away afterwards. Once that was done, there was enough time to sit in on a few of A-   's poses.   The top one is a 10-minute study, then a 15-minute one,  followed by a 20-minute pose and a 5-minute one at bottom.
The top one is on 18 x 24" bond paper. the third one down is on 22 x 30" 90 lb Maidstone paper, and the other two are on 18 x 24" Canson Recycled Sketch paper.  All are done with hard compressed Nobel charcoal.
I was tired and not very warmed up, but I was experiencing the fringe benefit of teaching anatomy; seeing body forms that little bit more clearly, especially in the standing back study.

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