Wednesday, September 5, 2012

1st entry for Aug 19, 2012

On the Sunday afternoon Phlip was working, doing a 3-hour pose. It gave an opportunity to retry the `duotone ' approach I had tried earlier with L-  .   The first 1.5 hours was a fast run-through of the whole image in gray pastel pencil, then 1/2 hour of spray-fixing outside and setting the image aside to off-gas., followed by 1/2 hour at the end, overdrawing the image with hard compressed charcoal.

I like the effect, but this approach is better suited to situations like 4-hour session or multi-session pose, where there could be a longer evaporating period for fixative. 1/2 hour didn't feel safe to be re-engaging with work on any sort of regular basis. It is also weather-contingent.

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