Friday, December 27, 2013

4th entry for Dec 8, 2013

The sustaining of poses got shorter during the time I was there, and the studies got freer and looser. For every one that is here, there are two or three that have been scrapped owing to being too awkward or unintelligible. I didn't have time to stay for a later set, but closed off two+ hours of sketching with a 15-minute study of DJ Natural Alchemy, one of three DJ's playing downtempo music that night.
Round should be hosting more Reverie nights in the new year.  It's free to go, there's enjoyable music, and an excellent opportunity to do free loose studies of bodies in action. Plus tasty drinks and food if you're so inclined, plus colouring books and drawing stuff if the aerialists aren't your cup of tea/pint of beer just then. It's a nice informal way to spend a Sunday evening.
You can get info on them through Round's facebook page.

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