Monday, December 16, 2013

1st entry for Nov 26, 2013

(Sometimes, even the most die-hard blogger has to take a little break... back now with more documentation of this year's life studies)

It was more non-stop drawing on the Tuesday afternoon over at The Collective Space performance/rehearsal venue. (The Collective Space is a co-op of five aerialists and dancers, and no connection to the Collective drawing crew that meet on Thursdays. "The Collective" with no qualifier has become a bit over-saturated as a group name these days...)
That afternoon, choreographer and CS member Brandy Leary was running a rehearsal for her Anandam Dance Theatre company, exploring a work-in-progress called "Seismology".
Some of the drawers from the Drawing Room session that usually takes place in the space came and camped out in the space's upper level and sketched the performers on the move.
Discussion breaks were good, both for witnessing the creative process, and also for sketching dancers sitting and stretching.
The performance had Ryan Lee climbing and rolling over a landscape created by multiple dancers slowly rising beneath a huge white sheet of fabric. It was a very interesting set of visuals.
Drawing dancers moving - even slowly - is part memory drawing, part trying to capture air. I was working on 11 x 18" sheets of Canson Recycled Sketch paper with medium black ballpoint pens. For me ballpoints are still the best speed-drawing tool: no dipping, no sharpening, no smudging and they keep pace with scribbling.

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