Monday, December 9, 2013

2nd entry for Nov 24, 2013

As the evening continued, Katelyn, Jasper and Faeya Tal came and played around with multiple poses moving slowly but not really stopping at all. Drawing people in action is part memory training and partly like drawing air.
The other two performers, Opal and Alex, joined in as well. At that point I was just dashing off sketches as best I could.
I like the luxury of people holding still in aerial poses at Diane's Drawing Room sessions. The Round evening was good spontaneity training. There was good downtempo club music, and Kudos to the bar for encouraging people to come in and do some drawing.
The Reverie nights are on hiatus 'til mid-January, but are open to anyone to come and sketch any way they wish, either from performers or in colouring books, if preferred.

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