Sunday, December 8, 2013

1st entry for Nov 24, 2013

On the Sunday night, I went over to Round, a Kensington nightspot, where a drawing-freindly event was taking place.
Titled "Reverie" and billed as a `downtempo drawing night', aplayground of silks and ropes had been set up. Performers Faeya Tal, KatelynMcCulloch, Jasper Delay Spark, Opal Essence and Alexandra Posadzki took turns moving and sometimes pausing in various combinations of people.
It meant near-continuous motion, so I gravitated to black medium ball-point pens for a lot of the time. Some were augmented a bit with brushpen and ink washes during pauses, and all are done on a variety of 12 x 18" sheets of paper. When people did stay still, it was for no more than a couple of minutes.
It was a good speed and gesture practice night, with some enjoyable music courtesy of DJ's through the night.

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