Wednesday, December 18, 2013

3rd entry for Nov 26, 2013

Scenes from a rehearsal/development session, part three.
Choreographer Brandy Leary (top) was watching and giving feedback as the dancers practiced other moves and experimented after the Seismology passage. That meant a fair bit of people sitting on the sidelines watching as others tried stuff out. The movement was too fast, but lots of opportunities to do fast studies of the resting dancers, which included - along with the aforementioned Ryan Lee and Holly Treddenick - Louis Laberge-Cote, Michael Caldwell, Lara Ebata, Jennifer Robichaud, Natalie Fullerton and others.
While she was sitting things out, Natalie got very cozy with the ropes, idly making nests and hammocks, which was the end of my available drawing time.
It is one kind of luxury to be able to have aerialists and performers holding still at the Drawing Room sessions. It is another kind of privilege and luxury to get to be a fly on the wall of so many good performers developing work. The constant motion really challenges one's drawing skills, to get whatever one can down. It is really good fluidity and spontaneity practice.

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