Friday, August 2, 2013

1st entry for July 25, 2013

(A reminder that Friday morning, Aug 2 will likely be the last opportunity to sign up for the 4-day Figure Concepts intensive which runs at the TSA Aug 6-9, 10 AM to 5 PM daily.  Call the school first-thing or sign up through here.)
On the Thursday I made a special foray out to the Junction, to draw my sweetie Zia. She was working at Articulations, which is on Dundas West just west of Keele.
Articulations is an independent art store which also runs workshops. They have opened up a fairly large studio space in the their basement, where they have, among other things,  an open drawing session every two weeks.
Zia's work was lovely as always. I was wrestling more than usual with the blunt-instrument-ness of the Sakura Graphic pen, but it remained a good challenge. These are all done on 18 x 24" sheets of cartridge paper using a Sakura pen. The top ones are 1-minute and the lower ones two minutes. I like the 2nd-last one; I feel it reflects her shapes, and records some of her poise and presence. The short studies were very uneven for me that night, no doubt in part due to an unfamiliar space, and wanting to do particularly good work, too.

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