Monday, August 12, 2013

3rd entry for Aug 1, 2013

(Quick reminder about my Anatomy intensive course coming up Aug 19-23 at the TSA. For registration and more info, click here and scroll down to course 702)

These are some of the 5-minute and 10-minute studies from that night. The Copic markers allow for very controlled build-up of values and I can get some very good lighting things going with them, But I've been feeling like there is a grittiness or edge lacking that I also feel I want in an image. In the the fast images lately I've also been investigating a fairly thick black Sakura marker line, which is for me a challengingly blunt instrument to draw with.
I had the notion the some indian ink spatters - especially on the marker line drawings, would add a randomizing element and make the images less stark, so I tried that out the next night. The top two use slightly diluted ink in a small spritzer bottle, while the bottom one was spattered with a knife and toothbrush. For the middle one I cut a frisket mask and sprayed the whole page. then took it off and very lightly resprayed.
The effects are interesting, and worked best on the lowest one.
Apart from an airbrush, anyone have suggestions as how to get a regular distribution of very fine dots? As you can see, the pump spray bottles I tried tended to give a mix of fine interspersed with bigger droplets. I'd welcome any good tips.

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