Friday, August 9, 2013

1st entry for Aug 1, 2013

( A quick reminder that my annual Anatomy and Figure Drawing weeklong intensive at the TSA is happening Aug 19 - 23. Finding event specifics for summer courses is a little trickier now on the TSA website, but you can shortcut to the info/enrollment page by clicking here. Just scroll down to course 702)

On the Thursday evening I got out to the TSA to draw.  Polina was working there that night, and these are a 1-minute study at top and three 10-minute ones below. The lighting was principally a single lamp stand not far off my right side. I find I am liking that more frontal lighting these days, where shadows reinforce contours. Also the single spot light didn't tend to equally illuminate all of her figure, which often created inadvertent areas of focus away from her head/face.
These are all done with a range of warm gray Copic markers on 18 x 24"sheets of Canson Recycled Sketch paper, except the top one done with a Sakura Graphic pen on 18 x 24" cartridge paper.

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