Monday, August 26, 2013

3rd entry for August 11, 2013

After the 519 garden drawing session, I swung down to the Sackville afternoon session to try out a new material. Long poses are a good testing ground for unfamiliar approaches.  I had been told about a water-soluble graphite that comes in a pan and this was my first proper field test. The top study was roughly 25 minutes with Carmina in pose, and the lower one had about 40 minutes of model time. I used washes of different strength graphite, and reinforced/evened out some of the dark tones with a Copic 50% neutral gray marker on the lower one.
Later I worked into the drawings with a soft graphite stick on the top one, and a medium oil-based pecil in the lower one, just on Carmina's forms and the chair. I had been looking at some Richard Diebenkorn work, and I do think that was informing my use of the surrounding architectural space.

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