Thursday, August 16, 2012

4th entry for July 30, 2012

These are two 5-minute studies above and a 10-minute one below.  C- has been studying Thai massage, and brought along two bamboo poles that are used for balance and support while using her feet to apply pressure. She was experimenting with them as props here. I missed out on one drawing, though, as I was being the test subject for a massage. It was quite refreshing, and I'm not sure I've had my legs or back walked on before. It is something that needs to be done carefully.
On the way home, I was feeling like a lot of my interests were cris-crossing synchronously at that point. In classes, I had had Z-  wearing lots of striped clothes a few days before. At the Anandam rehearsals I was watching dancers and aerialists working in midair, and at times walking over each other. Elements of all that crossed through this drawing session - and physicaly involved me as well. It's nice when things mesh together a bit.

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