Monday, August 6, 2012

1st entry for July 12,13, 16 & 19

On several days I spent a couple of hours each as a visitor to the Anandam Dance Theatre's Divergent Dances for Windows and Walls show. As I have indicated in the past, I feel that figure drawing and aerial work complement each other like chocolate & peanut butter. And I dig aerial work and really dig contemporary dance. So put those all together in one place and me with a small sketchbook, and I feel really privileged.
These were rehearsals, so there were no set poses, and some down times while people stroked their chins. It was all a real challenge , and many of these are effectively memory studies. I took a little watercolour box and some pencils and motored away (water media seemed the faster option, but I was reluctant to use it inside the Bata Shoe Museum in case there were spills. As I indicated elsewhere, attempting these seemed to add a little more gusto and freshness to the life-drawing sessions that followed them.
One point to acknowledge - the Canson sketchbook I used has 7 x 10" pages, and, except when I got confused, I only used one side of each sheet. But for presentation's sake I've pasted pages into the 2-page spreads you see here, and edited a number out.

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