Monday, August 13, 2012

2nd entry for July 26, 2012

These are 5-minute studies- also on 18 x 24 bond with hard Nobel charcoal. P-   didn't have a sword handy, so had to make do with an umbrella, which I made imcompletely sword-y. Somewhere, Berni Wrightson is looking down, unimpressed.
After this, it was time to flee to the show, so no time for redemption that night.

... and every Saturday afternoon 5 minutes is as long as the poses get at the Gesture Drawing Boot Camp. All through August, with a different (excellent) model each week it runs 1:30 - 4:30. Tons of 30-second and 1-minute poses, and nothing over 5 minutes.  Week 1 saw 73 poses in three hours, and Week 2 topped the 80 pose mark!  It's open to anyone, costs $10... and remember to bring lots of paper.
(TSA is at 410 Adelaide St W, just west of Spadina, 3rd floor.)

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