Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th entry for June 18, 2012

Aspects of Z's last outfit reminded me a bit of circus styles as well as goth fashion. For drawers who are interested in the circus side of things, Diane McGrath's "Drawing Room" drawing sessions, with models doing short poses on aerial equipment (hoops, silks, trapeze, etc) is back on on Monday nights. If you're on Facebook, you can look up `The drawing room' page for details.  It's open to anyone. and costs $15 for 2 hrs. The last two of these are on 23 x 34" sheets of Durotone Extra White paper with a bit of vine charcoal dusted on first. Both are done with the hard Nobel charcoal. All in all, it was a good challenging fashion show to draw that Z-  provided.  K's account of the afternoon's experience  can be found here.

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