Sunday, July 12, 2015

4th entry for July 5, 2015

These are a couple of 10-minute studies above; a 15-minute one and  25-ish minute one. Every one but the 2nd from top is on watercolour or all-media paper which played well with water-soluble graphite; the 2nd one is on a copperplate etching paper that very much did not play well with the material, to my tastes.
These all have water-soluble graphite and regular graphite, plus the top two have some pitt pen ink lines.
The amount of time water sits on top of a dry water-soluble media influences how much it diffuses, as does brushing back and forth over an area. In the bottom-most one I tried initially washing over the busy elements of the background with rows of separate wet brush strokes, and then a fast general wash over the whole thing. The regularity of that ended up flattening things in a way I wasn't looking for, but until you try, you never know.

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