Sunday, July 19, 2015

1st Entry for July 13, 2015

On the Monday afternoon I tried out the North Light Studio space, which is next door to the ARC studio in a building near Adelaide and John. It is a smaller space, but had a nice feel to it. There aren't many daytime options for life drawing/painting in the summer, and it is nice to find another.
Sonja was working that afternoon. This is a 3.5 hour study, done in the same approach as the one of Polyna from the day before; graphite sketch & adjustments, India ink underlayer and oil-based Pitt pencil on top. This is the same Revere rag paper as well, also 18 x 24"
I liked the masking-taped `letterbox' effect, so revisited it as a way to fit what I felt worked better as a square composition on the rectangular format paper.

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