Sunday, May 5, 2013

4th entry for April 9, 2013

These are some more 10-minute studies of Tamar dressed as the Scarlet Witch and Toronto Rogue dressed as Rogue, both from the X-Men comics. I don't know the X-Men universe so well, but the Scarlet Witch ensemble of satiny corset, cape, gloves and stockings with high heels all in red had a retro `Betty Page' quality for me, which I enjoyed. It reminded me of some of the ensembles that Joe Shuster, (who co-created Superman) would use for glamorous women in his sideline doing fetish comics.
Toronto Rogue's leather jacket and headband reminded me of characters from Akira and early Heavy Metal comics, which are also a touchstone for me.
(insert another reminder that 7-week Intro Life Drawing classes of mine are starting this Saturday morning and next Monday night here.)

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