Tuesday, May 28, 2013

2nd entry for may 7, 2013

These are some 5-minute paired poses followed by 5-minute single poses with Nic above, and one of Merdith at bottom.
I liked how the bottom image has, for me a retro 1940's-type sci-fi illustration feel. I've always had a soft spot for that imagery.
Trying to keep proportion and body articulation working - and drawing costumes - in this sort of timespan is tricky, and doubly so with two people beside one another.
The black marks are all done with Sakura Graphic pigment pens. To help with the overall aspects I tried using a Copic 30% gray marker to lay down a pale gesture sketch of each figure.  Five minutes is not a lot of time to get 2 figures down, and in essence this meant drawing each figure twice - once in gray, then again in black. So in several cases I did not get all the way through rendering one of the figures. But at least you do get a suggestion of their pose. Something got sacrificed - either specific and sensitive description of each figure, or not detailing one at all. Drawing the black lines and shading areas felt how I imagine inking in a comic would be.  The Sakura pens are not obliging for midtones - and I like my midtones. So it was a good challenge.
The open-endedness of scribbly gesture drawing does make it easier to search out the relative sizes and poses, to make adjustments, and in paired figures to consider the interpersonal rhythms and dynamics.  And the light gray is not too distracting after the fact.
Next time I want to try an even lighter gray for preliminary marks.

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