Wednesday, May 29, 2013

3rd entry for May 7, 2013

These are three 10-minute studies and a 15-minute one at bottom. By the last long pose I was wearing out a bit. These all use the same light gray/pigment pen mix. The costumes had a lot of shiny fabrics - Nic's silver-gray gauntlets and knee-high leggings and Meredith's lighter silver tights and shoes. I was only able to address these a little bit in the longer studies.

(In art classes, clothing and drapery tends to be a minor part of learning to draw people.
So this summer I'm offering a weeklong half-day intensive class at the Avenue Road Arts School that will focus on drawing clothed people. We will look at how clothing behaves and strategies for drawing it. There will be models daily in clothes ranging from everyday to more unusual dress and costume. This is for people with some basic life drawing experience. Details here.)

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