Wednesday, April 4, 2012

4th entry for Mar 23, 2012

N-   did some 5-minute studies after that, initially on silks.  Then, after a break she switched to hoop and trapeze, with one floor pose on a ball along the way.
While she was having her time out, her 5-year-old  son N-  decided to provide a couple of very short poses. I was impressed with his balance and strength.  In what was no doubt a challenge to high Academic training, Delacroix is supposed to have said "If you can't draw someone leaping to death from a 4th-floor window, you can't draw".  A kid on a trapeze is getting close to that.
(Of course in Delacroix's day they didn't have fast photographic films to enter into the discussion, either.)
Apart from the second one, these are all done with hard compressed charcoal on 24 x 36" sheets of Durotone Extra White paper.

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