Friday, January 20, 2012

2nd entry for Jan 5, 2012

These are two 15-minute studies above, and a 20-minute one below.  All are done with Nobel hard compressed charcoal.  The top and bottom ones are on 22 x 30" sheets of Maidstone paper, while the middle one is on 21 x 29" Strathmore paper.

With the topmost study, I was figuring that the rhythm of curved shapes I was seeing would be intensified by the closer cropping. I miscalculated the placement vertically, as to how much foreground would be there, and the blank fabric isn't interesting enough to carry that much of the image.
That, I feel, is one of the big challenges for this year. I have a good paper I'm somewhat liking, I have a good connection to the touch of my drawing, and can readily draw someone full-figure as needed. Now the challenge is to make interesting images out of what the poses presented offer.

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