Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Entry for Oct 31, 2013

On the Thursday night I was out at another Collective session, this time in a funky old house near Bloor and Parliament. Francis, one of the drawers stepped up to sit for the night. These are two 5-minute studies, two 10's and two 15's below.
The top four are on 11 x 15" sheets of cartridge paper, and the lower two on the same size of Canson XL Drawing paper. I was trying the mix of a dilute india ink underdrawing and Pentel brushpen in black. The small waterbrush I was using for the gray was a bit more co-operative, but still tended to run out of flow faster than my marks. I also had a broader-tip waterbrush that gave some midtone to the second-last study before petering out.
Heading home via Halloween at Church and Jarvis was a colourful contrast to the cozy drawing session that preceded it. Cold rain wasn't dampening spirits there much at all.

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