Saturday, November 9, 2013

1st entry for Oct 24, 2013

Size is a relative thing. When I was doing 4' x 5' images, 24 x 36" seemed small.  22 x 30" was a tight squeeze. Now, I'm increasingly accustomed to fitting figures on 18 x 24" sheets, and once-normal  papers seem like big expanses.
On the Thursday night I was out at another Collective session, where I was trying to shoehorn figures onto the postage stamp playing field (at least for me) of 9 x 12" paper. sitting beside me on couches were people happily drawing in tiny Moleskine books, a feat that continues to impress me. It was a chatty session at a condo highrise near Rosedale. Tasty food and music that was working for me. Daryl was kind enough to be the volunteer model for the evening.
These are 1-minute and 2-minute studies above, and a couple of 5-minute studies below, all done with a Pentel brushpen on 9 x 12" sheets of cartridge paper.

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