Wednesday, November 20, 2013

3rd entry for Nov 12, 2013

(Reminder that I'll be having an easygoing Studio Open House this coming Sunday, Nov 24, noon - 6 PM and Monday night, Nov 25, 5- 9:30 PM. 165 Bathurst St (just S of Queen.) Door code details on the door when you get there.)

These are four 5-minute studies above, a couple of 10-minute ones below that, and a 15-minute one at bottom. They are all on 18 x 24" sheets of paper; Canson XL Drawing for the top four, Canson Mixed Media for the two below and 150 lb. Maidstone rag paper for the last one.
The media are - Pitt pen for the top three, Pentel brushpen and gray washes for the next three and water-based graphite and graphite pencil on the lowest one.

The mix of trying to set down performer, ropes, costume in such short time spans is a real stretch. I wrestle a lot with using black pens; while I am working they seem like such blunt, uncompromising instruments, and the drawing is a struggle, but afterwards I find I am much more okay with them than while in progress. I caught myself thinking while working on the top study, "whew - all I have to do here is an upside-down foreshortened body- no problem".  Things are relative that way.

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