Thursday, January 24, 2013

1st entry for Jan 15, 2012

 The non-repro blue pencils,markers and watercolour sets were in full force on the Tuesday night when I was finally able to make it to one of the Toons on Tap drawing sessions at the Rhino bar in Parkdale.  Up 'til now, their Monday scheduling competed with Diane's aerial sessions, but I've been curious.
Like Dr Sketchy's and the Keyhole sessions, there's music, drink if you're legal and a more gregarious crowd - if a little nerdy about it here and there. Quite different from the very quiet trad life sessions. Serenity was working there that night, on a beach theme with lots of props at hand.
Much as I admire good comic work, that's not how I draw, but I enjoyed the challenge of more thematic content. These are 1-minute and 5-minute studies, done with the Sakura Graphic felt pens I've been wrestling with.  When new, they generate such an un-nuanced and bold line - at least in my hand,

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