Friday, June 29, 2012

2nd entry for June 11, 2012

These are, from the top, a couple of 5-minute studies, followed by some 15-minute ones. The 5-minute ones are on 18 x 24" sheets of bond paper, and the longer ones are done with hard compressed charcoal on 18 x 24" sheets of Canson Drawing paper.
I felt with the shorter studies that I've over-rendered C-   's face. She has a distinctive face, so I was interested in doing that justice, but there is a degree of detail that feels `right' with a short study if the rest of it is more loosely handled.
C-  continued to shift around, anywhere from a couple of metres away to well back in my space. Typically in a drawing session, I feel the `optimum' drawing distance is 4-5 metres from a person; much closer and I cannot fit them easily onto a page, but that does come at the cost of  more intense interpersonal connection, and how much close detail I can see. A person is much more `personal' when they are in closer proximity.

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