Monday, June 18, 2012

7th entry for June 3

These are three 15-minute studies at top, then a 20-minute one, and lastly a 15-minute one that finished that evening. I was getting comfortable enough  with my drawing that I was starting to go beyond practice needs back into my "no boring drawings" mission of this year in some of these - in terms of placement and liveliness of mark-making.

Speaking of lively matk-making, next Monday, June 25th, the Drawing Room session will be restarting. Organised by artist/aerialist Diane Mcgrath, it is a two hour session of mostly short poses, with dancers, aerial performers and the like doing poses on equipment like silks, hoops and trapeze.
It's out in the west end, on Stirling Rd, runs 7:30-9:30, and is open to anyone.
If you're on facebook, you can get more details on their group page here.

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