Friday, June 29, 2012

3rd entry for June 11, 2012

( I'm teaching an 8-week beginner-level Life Drawing class that starts next Tuesday, July 3 at the Toronto School of Art.  It runs 6:30 - 9:30 weekly, and covers gesture drawing, contour drawing, proportion, light and shadow, and more. There is still room, but it is filling up...
You can get further info here.)
These are two 20-minute studies, done with Nobel hard compressed charcoal on 24 x 36" sheets of Durotone Extra White paper. The paper size was slightly unwieldy, but I am fairly happy with the upper study, which was a better than average portrait study, I felt.
After it, the last while went downhill for me, but some drawing days are like that. If one really strong study emerges out of an afternoon working with someone, that's great.
As it was, the experimenting with modelling distance was an interesting experience, and shook me up in a little in good ways.

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