Friday, October 28, 2011

5th Entry for Oct. 16, 2011

The study above was 15 minutes, and the one below was 20 minutes, but I worked on each during the breaks that followed them. Each had a light  underdrawing of willow charcoal that I wiped into the surface, followed by some highlight exposure with a kneaded eraser, and then overdrawing with hard U-Art compressed charcoal.
The willow charcoal really picked up on any finger oil on the paper when wiped, but also afforded a bit of quickly set down `infill' of the paper grain, to tone the harder charcoal's texture down in places. At 15 minutes, that's a rush, but at 20 minutes and up, it is more do-able.
The lower study of B- is nicely rendered in the body, but isn't quite anchored or grounded enough onto the space he is sitting on, I feel.

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