Sunday, June 5, 2011

2nd Entry for May 22, 2011

These are, in order from the top, a 1-hour, a 40-minute and a 20-minute study.  All three are done with hard compressed charcoal on sheets of a couple of types of Japanese paper.

The placement of the figure on the first was a little too central. The second worked the best, and the bottom one, at 20 minutes, was a little rushed, I felt.


PizawL said...

I really like that you did the same pose again with some slight alterations, both look great but the second one has better composition and is definitely well-resolved. The left leg is more rounded out and comes forward more, and together with the slight bend in the elbow helps add weight the figure. You get a better sense of the solidity of what they are sitting on.

Thomas Hendry said...