Sunday, April 10, 2011

7th Entry for Mar 13, 2011

These were two 20-minute poses, which ended the evening.   E- 's work was strong, and his miry, more mature frame lends itself to this sort of shading.
Both of these were done with 9B graphite on a Japanese paper called  `etchu pure Kozo ' - It was a thick, slightly rough paper, but I really liked the surface of it. It was by no means a cheap paper, but it totally handled like one. It was a nice - and still rare - feeling to be fearless on costly paper, but I found this one's surface really friendly to how I like to work.
Alas, it is also discontinued, at least for the moment, as I discovered when I went back to The Paper Place a couple of weeks later. But at least now I know a feeling I am looking for, in terms of texture. On the down side, the paper was a little on the greenish side of a cream colour, rather than a warm colour, which isn't my favourite.  But by this point in the evening, the drawing was flowing pretty freely, which was a nice high note to end on.

Drawing from life can be a very engrossing, meditative high, and if you want some guidance in life drawing, I'm offering classes in Spring term at the Toronto School of Art, both at beginner and intermediate levels.   It starts in about 10 days, and you can get full details on courses of mine - and many others - here.

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