Monday, April 18, 2011

3rd Entry for Mar 22, 2011

These are all 20-minute studies, done with graphite on 18 x 24" sheets of Japanese paper. I was wrestling a bit more than usual with proportion on some of these studies, but the contours and the light and shadow ere working quite well. So in places they are more stylised than I would like, but each holds together well, and I feel they are fairly strong images.

If you want to learn about figure drawing, or if you have some ability and want to refine/deepen what you have, then you should check into the Toronto School of Art's Spring term, which is starting this week and next.  I offer a beginning 10-week life-drawing class on Saturday Mornings, and an intermediate/advanced 10-week course on Wednesday evenings. The school is right downtown at Spadina and Adelaide.
As well, in the Spring term, I also teach a Tuesday morning class on perspective basics for drawing objects (up to and including people, who are much more than objects...). It is called `Structural Drawing, and also runs 10 weeks.
The TSA's website has more info, here.

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