Thursday, April 28, 2011

2nd Entry for Apr 5, 2011

(People looking for life drawing instruction - or basic perspective instruction - should take note that I have an intermediate/advanced life drawing class on Wednesday evenings starting in a few days at the TSA, and a perspective basics class on Tuesday mornings. Both run for 10 weeks, and you can get more info through the TSA website. There is still space for any interested students, and all ages of adults are welcome - but act fast - the window of opportunity is drawing to a close...)

Above are two 20-minute studies, and a 15-minute one below.   The top two are charcoal on 18 x 24" sheets of Japanese paper, and the one below is charcoal on cartridge paper.   I saved the `good paper' for the longest studies, but in hindsight, the last one worked out with more feeling than the longer sitting pose above it. You just never know which drawing will work best, which is a good argument for always using good paper, if possible.

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