Friday, March 11, 2011

3rd Entry for Feb 20, 2011

Over the three hours of the Sunday afternoon, I worked on two studies. Above, the first was roughly 2 hours, and leans on the side of being overworked. I had an idea of the fabric that S-   was sitting on acting as a sort of light map `foil for the values in the rest of the drawing, but i hindsight itlooks a little old-fashioned. I also struggled more with S-  's likeness, and it shows a bit.

The lower one was 40 minutes, and is more fresh in its handling.

Both are done with 8B graphite, on 22 x30" Japanese paper above, and on 18 x 24" paper below.

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minor keys said...

Say what you will, I think the 2 hour study looks wonderful.