Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2nd Entry for Feb 13, 2011

I stayed on for the afternoon, when L-   was doing a sustained sitting. These are a 2-hour study above, on 22 x 30" Japanese paper, and a 30-minute study from a slightly different angle on 10 x 20" Japanese paper. Both are done with 8B graphite.

It often seems to be the case that when I have a longer time span available, the drawing loses some of it's immediacy of mark-making, and starts looking more `academic' than I want it to. That was certainly the case that afternoon, especially when it came to L-   's face.  at first it was looking more like Z-   , my sweetheart, than it did L-    . That was at least a change from my usual tendency to impose my facial features on people. Revising that cost a lot of the image's immediacy.

The shorter duration study below is much more alive, by comparison.
Part of the elusive key for me seems to find the place between these two images - a little more time for accuracy/cohesiveness's sake, but retaining more of the freshness of a quick study.

Images of heads - including the lower one - were out for people to inspect last weekend. Thanks again to everyone who dropped by - it was a really enjoyable weekend. Look for another one in a couple of months.

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