Tuesday, March 22, 2011

1st entry for Mar 4, 2011

Above is a 5-minute study, and below two 10-minute ones, all done with graphite on 18 x 24" cartridge paper.

These were done on the Friday, when I was over at the TSA.  Z-    (not my sweetheart,) was working. 
That is one of the hitches of using just an initial to identify people. For the model's benefit, I don't use full names, since some wish to keep their work less public. And there is a level of `plausible deniability' in drawn or painted images - unless someone has a distinctive piercing or tattoo, drawings do not tend to be quite as `indisputable' photographs.

I know too, that for most - if not all of the people that I draw, these are non-issues; they support the art made from their image, or like the attention, or have made peace with their body's image being in the public sphere. But for the benefit of those that are more reluctant, I am sticking with the first initial designator for everyone for the time being. That way, the people who want to stay less identified are not spotlighted by being the nameless ones.

Anyways - how often is it that there are two women with the initial Z working a day apart...

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